$250M Founder Reveals How The Rich Avoid Taxes (Legally)

$250M Founder Reveals How The Rich Avoid Taxes (Legally)

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Episode 541: Shaan Puri (https://twitter.com/ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (https://twitter.com/theSamParr) are on a campaign to make sure no entrepreneur pays more taxes than absolutely necessary. They’re joined by Ankur Nagpal, the founder of Teachable and resident tax genius, to share the 10 tax loopholes every founder should know.

Show Notes:
(0:00) Intro
(3:00) Biggest secret to pay less in taxes
(7:20) QSBS - the most generous tax break available
(16:30) Do NOT move to Puerto Rico
(21:00) There's no true alpha in investing
(26:00) Sam's credit card tax hack
(30:00) Solo 401(k)
(34:30) Your CPA is not is not your tax strategist
(42:30) Owning real estate to lower your tax bill
(44:00) 4 triggers to happiness
(48:30) Putting the Indian diet on blast

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