Investing for Beginners: Top 3 ETFs to Start With

Investing for Beginners: Top 3 ETFs to Start With

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NEW to investing, don't know where to start , feeling overwhelmed by all the jargon and information. That was me not so long ago. Good news, you found the right place. So join me on my investment journey.

I am an average everyday Canadian just like you. For so long I trusted others to manage my investments and invested in mural funds. It took me a long time to realize this was not the best way to grow our money.

My goal is to maximize my returns and enjoy the fruits of my labour when I retire.

I have a full time job and manage an investment profile in my spare time. As you will see, it is growing each month.

I will share my portfolio, ETF's/Stock purchases, returns (Dividends) as well as any hiccups that I encounter. I call this the good the bad and the ugly. I want to keep myself motivated and if I can help some of you along the way thats a bonus.

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My journey started by creating a WEALTH SIMPLE account.
If you want to join the club here is a link. If you use my link you will get a reward to make your first investment and I get a small amount in return.
Use this code 4KBRIW or the link below to sign up 🙌
Blossom Social is an amazing place to share ideas, talk stocks, strategy and learn something new everyday.
You can See my portfolio and trades on Blossom, 📊.
Use my code: PRYW19 to earn $5 cash! You can use this cash to start your investing strategy.
Crazy Canuck Investor's portfolio on Blossom
Before you start investing it's important to establish an emergency fund of cash $$$.
My Favroite Savings account is with EQ bank. Use my code to get started saving.
Tracking you returns is very important and will make you feel good every month. Passiv is amazing all in one tool to help with this. Use my link below to get started.
Not all Brokers provide investors with every account they need. For this situation I use QUESTRADE.
Open an account with Questrade and get this exclusive offer. Get a $50 cash reward when you open and fund your first Questrade self-directed account or Questwealth account.

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