Most Insightful Hour in CRE Part 16

Most Insightful Hour in CRE Part 16

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Willy was once again joined by Dr. Peter Linneman for the Most Insightful Hour in CRE. Peter nailed his 2023 predictions – so what is he forecasting for the year ahead? Tune in for highlights from the latest Linneman Letter ( including Peter’s outlook for 2024, the state of the economy, housing and auto supply, federal and consumer debt, property plays, and much more.

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Key Points In The Webcast:
00:00 Introduction
01:43 2023 Commercial real estate recap
04:41 Should we cut interest rates in 2024?
08:32 Factors behind a tightening supply chain cycle
11:28 Is the Fed wanting unemployment?
15:53 More housing development vs. more auto production
18:40 The why of the decreasing housing supply and rising prices
23:33 Federal and consumer debt: A big deal?
32:07 Increased insurance spending: Should we be worried?
33:57 Rising credit card usage and its issues
38:10 Debt service ratio and canary numbers
41:56 The biggest investing mistake you could make
45:27 Does a bad capital structure mean an investing opportunity?
51:24 The top in-demand asset classes: where is multifamily heading?
55:14 The Linneman construction cost, hospitality, and industrial
58:22 Will weight-loss drugs save healthcare spending?
59:42 2024 predictions: Rate cuts, equity market, and November elections

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