So I bought a pub...

So I bought a pub...

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May 29, 2024
Commercial Real Estate
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Hey everyone!

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I'm a self made property investor and developer.

link to my lending company as mentioned is here

Link to my free app here



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I don’t bother with other social media platform 🤦‍♂️HI All - Thanks for watching my video.

Ive experienced the high and lows of property, i started with £40k+ of debt having to move back into my parents spare bedroom at 23.

My channel is here to bring you insights of me and what i do.
Im not going to make any big claims, and nor should you listen to any.

You're best bet is to listen to the content, have a good look on companies house & make your own mind up.

Becoming a successful property investor isn't easy or quick!

What you'll hear from me is how I've had some successes (and failures) in today's market. You wont hear "IMHO" just raw, actual facts about what i do....

I invest & develop student housing, commercial property, Pubs & Land.

My business Grace Charles Property fb page link has bought and sold over 150+ properties

follow me personally on Instagram here

ive created my Youtube channel, as a way to openly bring content to others looking or involved in property, without having to spend hours in training class rooms, or travelling up and down the UK speaking at events.

if you have any questions, post in the comments and i may create a specific video.

my videos are all done on my phone, so please excuse the roughness to the editing

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hope you all enjoy and thanks for watching

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