Why REIT and InvIT have so much loan? Debt can be good, efficient, compare Powergrid Indiagrid Trust

Why REIT and InvIT have so much loan? Debt can be good, efficient, compare Powergrid Indiagrid Trust

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Why REITs and InvITs take so much debt. They can do wonders to your portfolio. Get high percentage returns when you really need it, & for this you should plan well NOW! Insights for REIT investing in india , embassy, brookfield, nexus, mindspace. Listed InvITs are Indigrid IRB Powergrid PG InvIT India. Analysis by reitspro.com. Our YouTube channel is dedicated to REIT InvIT investing in india. How to invest in REITs, are REITs a good investment, reviews, latest news and investing for income. Best REIT invit in india? Indigrid, IRB, PG Invit Embassy, Brookfield, Mindspace India Real Estate Investment Trusts. Real estate mutual funds).REITs and InvITs are high yield instruments, giving dividends/ earnings, are relevant investments in India today for investors looking for diversification, inflation hedge and regular revenue generation. They give opportunity to all stock market, debt and real estate investors investors, an opportunity to get regular returns plus price appreciation. Explore here, in this video

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