INVESTOR SHARES: Do This To Apartment Hunt Like A Pro

INVESTOR SHARES: Do This To Apartment Hunt Like A Pro

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I had 32 candidates for my next apartment. I found and submitted my application in only 2 days. In this video, I share my system to systematically find your next apartment to rent.

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Our Marketplace connects sophisticated investors like you with experienced sponsors for the chance to invest in their upcoming real estate deals. Simply connect with any of our sponsors to gain access to their future deals for above-average returns, tax benefits, and real passive income.

Pallas is a real-estate syndication software that accelerates capital raising and a real estate investing marketplace. It empowers deal sponsors to create LinkedIn-like biographies to eliminate the need for a standalone syndication website.
“Early next year, we will also allow passive investors to track their investments across all deals, effectively bringing the “brokerage for real estate investing” to life,” says Perry, the CEO and Founder of Pallas
The company also plans to venture into underwriting software and build its legal department to offer end-to-end white-glove service to its customers. The goal is to manage the money flow and become a financial institution for passive investors. Pallas will build a large operations team to vet real estate deals to achieve this. The company will introduce intelligent contracts for real estate and a lending arm in the long term.

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