3 Ways to get a 4% Mortgage Rate Today (2024)

3 Ways to get a 4% Mortgage Rate Today (2024)

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April 1, 2024
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Are you a high-paid W2 employee, working 9 to 5, uninspired, and looking for financial freedom?

On this channel, we only focus on THE MOST IMPACTFUL concepts that significantly move the needle toward financial freedom:

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There are still ways to get lower interest rates even in the high-interest rate environment that we face today.

I just want to share a few options that could help you buy a property with lower rates, which could be a huge game-changer!

00:00 Why Are Interest Rates Important
00:57 Option 1: Rate Buydown
03:56 Option 2: Seller Financing
08:00 Option 3: Subject 2
11:06 Schedule a 1-1 Call!

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