How Jay Conner Raised $2.1 million of Private Money in 90 days

How Jay Conner Raised $2.1 million of Private Money in 90 days

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February 12, 2024
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How Jay Conner Raised $2.1 Million of Private Money in 90 Days

Did you know there is a way for people to earn unlimited money tax-free?

How Jay Conner raised $2.1 million of private money in 90 days is never about asking or begging for money. Building trust is the key to making your private lender invest in you.

Discover Jay’s magic question that plays a big role in his Raising Private Money journey.

“God Created Us With The Desire To Help Other People” - Jay Conner

Learn the direct and indirect methods of initiating conversations with a potential private investor.

Revealed today! For the first time, Jay’s three Categories of private lenders and how to grow them so you never worry about funding your deals again.

Which problem do you want: “Where will I get funds for this deal?” Or “Where will I find a project to fund with my Private Money?”

Find out the benefits of having a business relationship with a “trusted” Self-Directed IRA company.

“When you get involved with organizations, keep in mind that it’s always about leading with service” - Jay Conner

0:01 - Raising Private Money with Jay Conner
0:31 - The Beginning of An Amazing Story
6:25 - The Indirect Method
7:21 - The Magic Question
9:22 - Where To Find Private Lenders.
10:27 - 3 Categories To Find Private Lenders: Warm Market
11:17 - 3 Categories To Find Private Lenders: Expanded Warm Market
12:05 - How To Expand Your Warm Market
16:01 - 3 Categories To Find Private Lenders: Existing Private Lenders
20:37 - Benefits of Knowing the Best Self-Directed Company -
22:28 - What To Say To A Potential Private Lender
23:02 - The Direct Method
25:36 - Jay’s Favorite 3 Words To Open Up A Conversation
28:16 - Jay’s Free Money Guide:

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What is Private Money? Real Estate Investing with Jay Conner

Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $67,000 per deal.

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