Sellers are hitting the panic button. reports surprise 30% spike in inventory.

Sellers are hitting the panic button. reports surprise 30% spike in inventory.

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May 18, 2024
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New data from shows that inventory on the US Housing Market surged by 30% in April 2024. With the share of sellers cutting the price also spiking to the highest rate since 2018.

Surging homes for sale and price cuts suggests the housing market is weakening that home prices could drop significantly in coming months. Particularly in housing markets like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where there is the biggest spike in homes for sale and price cuts.

A big twist in the 2024 housing market has been that real estate investors are beginning to sell. This can be seen on the listing shown at 1:06. That's a property for sale in Houston owned by Invitation Homes - one of America's biggest Wall Street landlords.

Investors selling has caused the numbers of homes for sale to spike in many cities across America. Particularly housing markets like Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Phoenix, and Nashville.

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