The Only Thing You Need to Know About the Fed.

The Only Thing You Need to Know About the Fed.

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February 1, 2024
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Today we will go over Fed Chairman Jay Powell's press conference that took place yesterday after the FOMC announced its monetary policy decision after its meeting.

The Fed left its policy target rate, the Fed Funds rate, unchanged and Jay Powell noted that the FOMC is not ready to cut interest rates as soon and as quickly as the markets think.

In this report, I will show why the Fed's only purpose is really to just keep inflating the system and debasing the currency you are forced to use (legal tender law) because the current fiat currency debt-based system necessitates an ever-increasing debt load.

So even though Jay Powell says the Fed is looking after your back he is really serving the interests of the private bankers, big corporations, and Wall Street by continuing to inflate the money supply and provide liquidity to Wall Street.

What this process, currency debasement, does is that by the time you receive or have to earn that currency, it has lost a lot of its value already as the guys at the top get to buy up all the assets before you. The law of supply and demand is at work here as the Fed and the government print and borrow a massive amount of dollars that the productive economy cannot keep up with.

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