Why Earnings are CRITICAL to Dividend Investors

Why Earnings are CRITICAL to Dividend Investors

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In this video I tell you why earnings are so critical to dividend investors. I’ll also share a recent clip from a well known professor at a top rated business school that you’ll want to hear. Finally I’ll show you a valuable discussion that we just had on my dividend discord, so I recommend you watch this from start to end.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 How to identify good div companies
0:47 Reason why earnings are critical
1:40 Reason why earnings are critical
2:38 Reason why earnings are critical
2:50 Reason why earnings are critical
3:09 Reason why earnings are critical
3:18 REITs “earnings”
4:51 Reason why earnings are critical
5:53 Item to reflect on
6:39 Reason why earnings are critical
6:47 Reason why earnings are critical
6:56 Reason why earnings are critical
7:08 Reason why earnings are critical
7:30 Reason why earnings are critical
7:47 Reason why earnings are critical
7:55 Reason why earnings are critical
8:08 Reasons why earnings are critical
8:44 Reason why earnings are critical
8:53 Reason why earnings are critical
9:05 Reason why earnings are critical
9:16 Dividend news
10:29 Dividend are irrelevant? 😊
10:35 My favorite way to track earnings growth
12:41 Why you should join my free Dividend Discord
14:10 More dividend irrelevancy theorem reflection
15:26 Reason why earnings are critical
15:35 More about my Dividend Discord
17:11 Valuable clip from an elite business school professor
18:55 Learnings
19:45 Shoutout
19:50 FASTgraphs affiliate link & coupon code (in video description)
20:00 Seeking Alpha affiliate link
20:05 Other pitches
20:29 Outro

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