How Did Benjamin Goodpasture Transform $20 Million in Real Estate?

How Did Benjamin Goodpasture Transform $20 Million in Real Estate?

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In this week's Money Whole Episode, we have Benjamin Goodpasture, a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur.

Benjamin shares his inspiring journey from moving to Redding, California with just a couple of duffel bags to purchasing over $25 million in real estate. Growing up on a farm in Virginia and being exposed to real estate early on, Benjamin's entrepreneurial spirit led him to start a rock climbing gym and venture into real estate.

He discusses his strategies, including the BRRR method, and emphasizes the importance of mentorship, community, and continuous learning in achieving success in real estate investing.

00:00 Benjamin's journey to real estate success
03:33 Learning from early experiences
07:07 Starting with real estate and overcoming financial challenges
4:55 Transition to full-time real estate investing
16:38 The value of real estate and knowledge gained
20:30 The Mold of Belief Systems
21:05 Real Estate Journey
21:32 Family and Property Investments
22:51 Starting Real Estate Early
23:49 Late Start Success Story
25:31 The Best Time to Invest
26:25 Creative Deal-Making
30:15 Raising Income for Real Estate
34:40 Building a Solid Brand
35:50 Community and Opportunity in Redding

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